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Thursday, April 14, 2016

3rd Quarter Independent Book Project: Written Portion

Isabella Garritano
Miss Rollinger
English 8 Acc/Period 6
10 March 2016
3rd Quarter Independent Book Project: Written Portion
1:2 Chunk: Theme
One of many themes in the book To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is that justice and judgement can be very unbalanced. This is illustrated in the text, “The witness realized his mistake and shifted uncomfortably in the chair. But the damage was done. Below us, nobody liked Tom Robinson’s answer” (Lee 224). In other words, Tom Robinson was treated unfairly because of another theme in the book: racism. Because Tom was black, he was not appointed to a fair trial. Because of this, we can identify that there are two types of justice: natural and man-made. It seems to me that justice may not always be fair, but in the end what happens is mostly unchangeable and can be quite unfair.
2:2 Chunk: Characterization
The many characters in To Kill A Mockingbird all have unique and interesting traits, such as those of protagonist Scout Finch. For instance, when Scout finds gum in a mysterious hole in a tree, “I stood on tiptoe, hastily looked around once more, reached into the hole, and withdrew two pieces of chewing gum minus their outer wrappers. My first impulse was to get it in my mouth as quickly as possible, but I remembered where I was” (Lee 37). According to the quote, we can infer that Scout is a very curious as well as adventurous girl. This characteristic can get her in trouble, but can also make her profit, like in this situation. Another quote demonstrating the characteristics of Scout is, “‘Don’t you touch him!’ I kicked the man swiftly. Barefooted, I was surprised to see him fall back in real pain” (Lee 173). From this text, we can see Scout is very brave and courageous for standing up against an older man. Throughout the book, it is noticeable that Scout acquired her bravery from her father, Atticus, who will not back down from a challenge. Scout shows many different characteristics including intelligence, compassion, and more, making her a very round character.
2:3 Chunk: Symbolism
There are many different symbols in the book To Kill A Mockingbird, but one major symbol is the mockingbird itself. For instance, in the text it states, “Mockingbirds don’t do one thing but make music for people to enjoy. They don’t eat up people’s gardens, don’t nest in corncribs, they don’t do one thing but sing their hearts out for us. That’s why it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” (Lee 103). In other words, because the mockingbird does nothing wrong, it should be respected. The mockingbird represents innocence because when someone is innocent they haven’t done anything wrong. It is unjust to kill a mockingbird, or to disregard or kill innocence. This quote illustrates the harmfulness of the mockingbird, “Shoot all the bluejays you want, if you can hit ‘em, but remember it’s a sin to kill a mockingbird” (Lee 103). The mockingbird can be connected to Tom Robinson, because he did nothing wrong but was punished. The mockingbird also connects to the character Boo Radley, because he was an innocent man who only helped others. Both Tom and Boo show innocence like that of a mockingbird. No matter what you think of them or their music, remember that it is always a sin to kill a mockingbird.
Topic Order:

  1. Introduction and book summary
  2. Author Facts
  3. Characterization
  4. Literary Devices (simile)
  5. Symbolism and Book Passage
  6. Theme
  7. Goodreads Reading

Thursday, October 8, 2015

My passions


Lacing my soccer cleats up. Putting on my uniform. Getting out onto the field. Sprinting for the loose ball. Wiping the sweat off your forehead. This activity, which is one of my favorite sports, is the sport commonly known as soccer. In other places around the world, they call it "football". This sport is played on a grass field with two goals on either side. Depending on you age group, you play anywhere from 6 to 11 players on the field per team. A round ball referred to as a "soccer ball" is used by kicking it around to other players on your team. The object of this game is to score as many goals as you can, while  being able to play well with your team and keep the ball. Oh, and did I mention that you use your feet?
Soccer is a lot of fun for me to play. I get to see all my friends and have fun with them while still working hard and training to get better. My team is composed of some of my best friends. My soccer team is like a second family to me, and the soccer field is my second home.
Now that I have broken my wrist, I have been playing less soccer. Don't get me wrong, if I could play in games then I would totally play. I don't want the possibility of landing on it or whacking someone else with it, which may result in someone being sued... I only have about 2 more weeks until I get the hard cast off, then I might have to get something like a wrist brace on it for more protection. I still go to every practice I can, and I usually just take shots on goal. I have also been going to my team's games, and cheering them on from the sideline. If it was my choice, then I would be on the field right now with the cast on. Tip: a hard cast can be very very helpful if you are playing defense. It can help you to knock someone off the ball, and you can ram into someone with it. The only thing is, that's one reason why I am not allowed to play. The ref's don't want anyone else getting hurt, so I have to stay off the playing field for now. But I cannot wait to finally lace up my cleats and step onto the field for another game of soccer.

How I Broke My Wrist

It was just any old weekend, and our team had a soccer game in Camarillo against the Eagles. They were a good team, but we were prepared. Since my mom couldn't take me my game, I carpooled with one of my good friends Emma Holland. She has 2 younger siblings who also play soccer. I got my weekend homework and they picked my up around 10 am. Once we got to our field, Emma's mom dropped us off , but we still had a few hours until the game. Emma and I went over to the concessions stand and bought some french fries to snack on as our "lunch". I was still hungry so I bought more.
Once the rest of our team arrived, we hung out until it was time to warm up. Then we warmed up and waited for the game to start. It was starting to get hot and it would only get hotter.

(I'm going to skip talking about most of the game, no one scored and it stayed tied 0-0 the whole game.)

I was playing left mid near the end of the game, and Bob, my coach, yelled at me to switch back to right defense. I play almost any position, minus keeper, so I made my way to defense. I guarded number 13, who was the Eagles left midfielder and surprisingly fast. She was also shorter than me, so I didn't have too much trouble taking the ball from her. About 2 minutes left in the game, number 13 came dribbling down the right side, so i went to get the ball. I got the ball at my feet and turned to the side to kick it out. She apparently got really upset with both our team and the referee, so she pushed me down with two hands. I was definitely not expecting the impact, and I extended my arm to catch my fall. Big mistake. I rolled onto my hand and over it. I was struck with a stabbing pain, and I knew right then I had to come off the field. I was helped up by my coach Bob, and we slowly made our way back to the bench. I did not think much of my wrist, other than it hurt like heck. I have fallen on my left wrist before, but it didn't hurt this much and i only had to put a small brace on it. I could not tell that it was broken because there was no visible bones or cracks. Emma's dad, who is a doctor, wrapped it up as the game finished. On the way home it really started to hurt, though. The pain was getting worse and all I wanted to do was to get home.
I couldn't sleep that night, with my arm up covered by a melting ice pack. As soon as we woke up the next morning, Mom and I drove to the ER. They took some X-Rays on it and later concluded that it was broken. This was my first time I have ever broken a bone, and I was sad, angry, nervous, and excited at the same time. They re wrapped my arm in a soft sugar cast, which hurt as the nurse had to position my arm up so the sugar could set.
Now I have to watch my team from the sideline, but I am still happy for them all the same. Once I get my cast off, I am going to play with an intensity that I have never played with before. Watch out number 13, I will be coming for you.

Friday, September 11, 2015

My Bedroom Write

Isabella Garritano
September 3, 2015
English period 6

My Cluttered Room
 As soon as you walk into my room, you are overwhelmed with a lovely scent of watermelon and strawberries, courtesy of Bath and Body Works. Your eyes are caught by the bright pink walls and cluttered desk. Some clothes have been flung over the desk chair and some behind the bed. An old sock is caught between the closet doors, which are covered in pink and brown polka dots, ranging in size. There are papers and clothes everywhere surrounding an old wooden desk that I do my homework on. You slowly creep on the cream colored carpet and over to the Queen sized bed, situated in the left hand corner of the room. You accidentally trip on a pile of dirty clothes that are meant to be in the closet. The bedspread is blue, white, and pink. You plop down onto the bed and hear a soft thud of springs and wires. Beside the bed is a very dusty wooden night stand, holding about four old water bottles. A radio also occupies the stand, playing a quiet song that fades into the room. The name “Isabella” is printed on a canvas above the door; many ribbons, medals, and trophies are crowded in the closet. The blues, reds, and whites hang above and over my dresser. The room could be a lot neater, but at least it is my room. 

                My bedroom is almost always messy. The only time it gets clean is when my mom yells at me to clean it. Sometimes it can look nice, like when the window in the corner shines glowing warm rays of sunshine into the room. I think of myself as a messy and sometimes unorganized person, and this definitely reflects in my bedroom. It also shows that I usually too busy to clean my room; I really am a busy person. Knickknacks line the top of my desk, along with things that I am too lazy to throw away and things I’m not sure what to do with. If I could change one thing about my room, it would be the bright pink walls. I chose bright pink when I was little, which was obviously what every little girl chose for their bedroom walls. I no longer like the color pink surrounding my room, but it reflects some of my childhood. That was my room tour, maybe next time you come and visit, my room will be a little bit neater!

My independent reading novel!

For my first independent reading novel this year, I am reading the book The Martian by the author Andy Weir. My Grandma gave me this book when she finished it; my grandma is a very big book worm. I tried to get into the book over summer, but I couldn't get fully into the book. I decided to give it another try at the beginning of the school year, and I actually got into it.

This book is about an astronaut who is in one of the worst situations ever imaginable; he is stuck on Mars. You might not think that is the worst situation out there, but there's more: he is trapped alone, with no communication to earth or his fellow crew, who escaped just as a major sandstorm blew across Mars. With no way to talk to earth, everyone assumes that he was killed on Mars. Mark, the isolated astronaut, should be able to survive for a while in his ship. He has plenty of oxygen and all of his electricity is working. He has one problem; food. Join Mark as he struggles to figure out how to survive on Mars, and how to tell earth that he is okay.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Walk in Papa's Past

A Walk in Papa's Past

     "Hello Papa. I was wondering if you had time to start the interview right now?" I sent the text to my Grandpa, whom I refer to as Papa. "Sure, that'll be fine. I'll get ready" he sent back. I grabbed my notebook and pencils, questions, and tape recorder and headed into the office room. We had set up a week ago to FaceTime; he said he would be glad to answer my questions. The window right next to the computer was making a lot of noise, so I shut it. I logged into FaceTime, and got a call from Papa a few minutes after. 

     He was FaceTiming me from his iPad camera, situated in the living room. He held the iPad at an upward angle, showing most of the top of his head. I started the recorder and we got started.

     Papa has short, dark grey hair that is very soft and thin. He has a large bald spot on the top of his head, and the bald spot always looks shiny. He has yellow looking teeth and a smile that lights up the entire room. Papa's eyes are a sky blue, protected by square glasses that catch every glimpse of light. His ears are big, so are his smile wrinkles and dimples. 
     Papa's voice is deep but smooth, sometimes replaced by coughing. He has a very distinct scent that sticks to all of his clothes. Papa is 75 years old and lives near the sea in San Diego, California. He was originally born in Canada. Papa is fond of traveling to very different places and playing golf with his friends. He is very laid back and chill, and laughs with a smile you can see in his eyes. He is very intelligent and "tech savvy" as well. Papa enjoys to write letters to me, and I enjoy writing back.

     "What is one thing you can look back on and say you are proud of?" I said. He thought for a moment before answering.
"Back in the time, I was very pleased to have graduated University. I was also pleased that I had started a very successful company." He paused, then continued. 
"And I made some good money when the company went public." He concluded. Out of those three, Papa said that making good money made the most impact on his life. "I was able to retire with some good money." he laughed, gazing over the iPad. "What was school like for you as a child?" I asked him. 
"Okay, lets put it this way: I wasn't an "A" student. I got through high school, then through University in 4 years." he said. "I enjoyed sports... played sports. And most of my friends in high school were friends from the sports that I played. Papa played a lot of hockey while living and growing up in Canada. He also liked to play baseball. 
"What has been your favorite trip or vacation you've ever been on?" I asked him curiously.
"Probably.... When Nana and I took your mom, Tia and Q, and your dad and Matt to Italy for two weeks one year." 
"And why did you enjoy it so much?" I questioned.
"It was special because the rest of the family had not been to Italy, though I had been. And it was fun to show them... to visit places."

     Papa also said he could have been a better student when I asked him the question; "What is one thing you think you could have done better or corrected when you were younger?"
     "Thinking about every year that you have experienced that has led up to now, from 1940 to 2015, what year do you think you had "the best year of your life"?" He thought of that question for awhile, laughing to himself. 
" Probably 1964 or 65, because that year I had changed jobs, I was excited about the new job, and also getting married to Nana." Papa said the youngest memory he could remember was him walking to school in Canada, about age 5 or 6. "We had to walk three blocks there every day, then three blocks back" He concluded. 

     When Papa told me about his favorite vacation answer, it made me really think and reflect on now. My parents visit Italy and Europe all of the time, so maybe the reason they like to visit Italy all the time is the way Papa introduced it to them. Papa seemed to really like talking about him graduating University, like he wanted me to remember. He almost always answered his questions with "Probably", like he wasn't 100% sure. He sometimes stumbled around, searching for the right words to say. In many ways and more, I love my Grandpa.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Predicting the Catching Fire

I am still reading the book called Catching Fire by the author known as Suzanne Collins. I predict that Katniss will understand exactly why Wiress keeps saying "tick, tock". I think she is saying "tick, tock" because she is referring to some sort of clock inside of the arena, but where could it be placed? I bet it is placed somewhere super obvious, but the tribute's haven't figured it out yet. I predict the clock will have something to do with the different areas of the arena. What exactly will happen if Beetee's plan works out like they planned. Will there be an explosion, a digital crash, or electric sparks?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Writing to the Characters

I am reading the book Catching Fire by the author named Suzanne Collins. I have a few questions for the characters, like why they acted how they did or how they will get themselves out of this situation. 
To Katniss: Why don't you just give in to the rising rebellion and be a good little girl like Snow wants? He definitely will not be expecting that for once. It might make you look weak, but you can save your family, maybe even Gale's family. You are the fire to this burning rebellion, and a fire always gets put out one way or another.

To Gale: What were you thinking, taking the Capitol's side? Yes, they may save your family and support your living, but they could turn your back on you any second they want. They have so many allies, losing you won't be the biggest problem on their hands, and besides, we all think you owe Katniss an apology.